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Women in Politics – Gertrude Bell

Today’s entry is a little late, because we had so many awesome posts recently (check ’em out!) and sadly, because WordPress ate this post just as it was being finished. We’ll follow up with our sports post at the end of this week, but … Continue reading

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We have a winner!

We are delighted to announce that Stephanie Johnson, our evening librarian and the designer of much of our library-related artwork, has won a statewide competition for library outreach. The yearly Publicity Awards are held by the Connecticut Library Association. Stephanie … Continue reading

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New Book Recommendations

We’ve been celebrating Women’s History Month by sharing the biographies of several amazing women with history in politics, sports, science and the military. But beyond that, we’ve put together a collection of great books with the same theme. Visit our … Continue reading

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Military Women – Mary Edwards Walker

In the entire history of the United States, only one woman has ever earned the Medal of Honor. And she nearly lost it!

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Women of Science – Rosalind Franklin

The discovery of DNA and its structure is unarguably a turning point in our understanding of the makeup of living things. All living things have DNA – people, cats, fish, plants, even amoebas! It is the code on which life … Continue reading

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Women of Science: The Ancient World and Middle Ages

The participation of women in science stretches far back in time. Merit Ptah, referred to as ‘the Chief Physician’ in her tomb in Egypt, lived between 2700 – 2500 BCE.  While little is known about her, the inscription of her … Continue reading

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