A New Display and a Fond Farewell

Here at Mitchell College, we’ve reached the end of our academic year. Saturday morning (May 17) we proudly graduated the class of 2014 and wished them a fond if melancholy farewell. We’re sorry to see them leave, but so very hopeful that their next steps will take them to a successful future.

We are also saying goodbye to another figure, one who has been here far longer than this year’s graduating class. Mary Ellen Jukoski, Mitchell College’s President of the past 20 years, will be stepping down from her post.


Mary Ellen Jukoski has been at Mitchell’s helm since 1994, when she stepped into the role of Acting President. She was appointed President in 1995 and has led the college ever since. Under her guidance, Mitchell College offered its first four year degree, a move that led to the eventual creation of baccalaureate degrees in 30 majors. She led the creation of the Thames Academy, a one year pre-college, post-high school certificate program, and spearheaded the move to NCAA Division III athletics. Under her oversight, the college renewed its 10-year accreditation and received a five-year, $2 million federal Title III grant.

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The library’s latest display consists of a timeline of Mary Ellen’s activities at Mitchell and a hanging display of articles that relate to her many accomplishments. The documents represent a portion of the library’s archival collection on her successes.

We welcome anyone curious about our President’s activities to come and peruse the small display and investigate her impact on Mitchell College, and we bid her a fond farewell and best wishes! We know she will continue in success, whatever her next steps may be.

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