Fall Semester 2014 – Welcome back, Mitchell Friends and Family!

As we round the bend into the new semester, we at the library are looking forward to welcoming back our old friends and welcoming in the new! Just this Friday we hosted several of the sessions for the final first year orientation of the summer. Our RAs (resident assistants) and OLs (orientation leaders) were on campus helping us prepare for the influx.

Jen Welsh, the Coordinator of First Year Experience at Mitchell, talks about student life in college.

All of our returners are arriving tanned and cheerful with stories of what they did with their summers. It begs the question, of course – the blog has been quiet over the summer, so what have Mitchell’s librarians been up to?

 Most of our summer projects are the big jobs we can’t do when we’re full and busy with students. We’ve been working on improving our collection by removing old, outdated materials and adding new. We’ve also planned out full year of book displays to keep things interesting! In August and September, we’re featuring displays to  honor:

 We participated in the ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge, along with other departments at Mitchell. In addition to taking on the ice buckets themselves (and it was very cold) we’re donating to the cause.

All of our staff attended professional development events this summer to ensure that their skills are in top shape for the upcoming year! Some of us went as far as Nevada for the classes and conferences, where it was a blazing 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

User Services Librarian Katie Nazarian at the annual American Library Association Conference

User Services Librarian Katie Nazarian at the annual American Library Association Conference

We’ve also worked with the First Year Experience program to help provide an easy-to-follow introduction to Mitchell Campus for our new First Year Students. You can see Lauren Consolatore, our Instruction Librarian, in one of the Welcome In videos!

Overall, we’ve spent the warmest months of the year working hard in our library to make sure everything is even better this semester than it was the last. We look forward to continuing to work with our students, faculty and staff to grow and improve the library as it stands!


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